Dominican Republic Christmas Essay

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In the Dominican Republic, Christmas itself is a big deal being that the Dominican republic is predominantly catholic. Christmas in the Dominican Republic lasts much longer than in many other countries; celebrations begin at the 1st of December and last until January 6th to celebrate the Three Kings. So to say how Christmas eve is celebrated its basically celebrated along with Christmas day itself. The Three Kings day, which in fact ends on January 6, is a celebrated tradition based on the biblical passage where the three wise men bring Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Now this day, which starts on January 4, is one of the most celebrated in the Dominican Republic. The children write letters for the three kings describing the gifts they want and put them in Christmas trees, on beds or give them to their parents. On Jan. 5 in the afternoon, children find grass, water and food, and place them under their beds for the camels and wise men to eat and drink and eat when they visit at night. On this day, children go to bed earlier than usual. Once the children are asleep, parents place the gifts under their bed or at the Christmas tree and take the food away to let the children know the three kings visited them, {sort of like Christmas but in a different sense}. The New Year celebration in the Dominican republic is really unique, just at 12 Midnight, on the New Year day, the Dominicans keep their doors and windows open, they believe that the evil spirits will run away giving space to good spirits. They throw away the old brooms and purchase new brooms outside the doors, which are brought inside the next day for the similar reason. Dominicans hang 12 grapes, each symbolizing a month, to make wishes for the entire year and each every month for the wish come true. Some Catholics also call priests to bless their homes with Holy Water. Also, this day is usually celebrated at home with a big dinner and they dance and play music. The whole family comes together and everyone brings gifts wrapped with good wishes for each other. All of the family sits