Dominick Daniell Classification Clues Essay

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Dominick Daniell 7/22/13
Mary Queen of Heaven

Classification Clues

Meet the Gladiator The Gladiator is a new species that a scientist named Oliver Zampro discovered. This insect was found in a fossil of amber in the mountains of Africa. Then Oliver went to the country Africa Nimibia. When he got there he went to the mountains named Brandberg. There he had found the live insect that was in the fossil living among the grass.

Calling all kingdom In this chapter I learned that biologist is titles give to scientists who study living things. Biologists study and classify living things into groups, by a system called scientific classification. They first compare each organism and put them in groups with similar ones. All scientists follow one rule when naming organisms. That rule is to give them all Latin names. All living creatures are assigned into seven categories in which they belong. These are the kingdom phylum, class, order, family, Genus and finally the species.
Chapter 2: How Plants Got Their Name Carl Linne was fascinated with nature. He had always spent a lot of time collecting and studying plants. When Carl grew older he wanted to study Medicine. As time went on doctors had to know a lot about different type of plants, since they used plants as medicine. When Carl stated medical school he had taken a trip to North Lapland. There is spent five months collecting plants. Upon his return he spent a lot of time grouping and organization them. Linne sought out the advice from some of Europe’s…