Essay about Dominion of New England: Review Sheet

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Unit 1 Review Sheet (Chapters 1-5)
The test consists of 40-50 multiple choice questions, map identification of the 13 colonies, and 1 essay.
Any material covered in homework assignments, readings, class discussion, activities, and notes is fair game for the test. Some Terms/ Events to be familiar with include, but are not limited to:

European treatment of Native Americans- The Europeans brought a lot of disease which killed many Native Americans. The Europeans also took advantage of the Indians ignorance of weaponry. Some Native Americans also got a long with the Europeans, and helped them survive through winters. In most cases, the European intruders stole from, killed, enslaved, spread disease, and took advantage of the Native Americans. The Europeans were extremely harsh to the Natives, and they took their land from them.

Women’s Rights in Colonial America- Southern Colonies: Men outnumbered women until everyone started become immune to the diseases and men and women married and had families. Women were usually already pregnant before marriage. Family ties weren’t strong because of death. Because men died a lot and left mothers of young children, they were allowed to retain separate titles to the property. Women could not vote and were seen as weaker but the husband’s power was not absolute. Women had autonomy through midwifery. Women slave or free
New England Colonies:
The family life was important and they migrated together. Woman married by the 20’s and had babies every 2 years until menopause. The long childbearing years caused many deaths among the women. The role of the women was to reproduce. New England didn’t want to grant separate rights because they wanted to promote the unity between marriage. After the half-way covenant, women were in the majority in the Puritan congregations. Women wove, cooked, cleaned, and cared for children.

Why didn’t all Native Americans unite against European intruders? The European intruders had weapons and took the land from the Native Americans in most cases. But in some cases, the Native Americans and Europeans helped each other. Through the cold winters, sometimes the Indians helped the Europeans survived. They also taught them their farming techniques sometimes. When the European settlers weren’t just out for land, there were some cases where the Native Americans did not have to unite against. For the most part, not all Native Americans could of united against because the Europeans had a goal and had the weapons and necessary tools to achieve it, despite the effect on the Indians.

Motives for first settlers at Jamestown- Wealth and fame. Some small causes of spreading the religion but in Jamestown, the settlers primarily came to find gold, become rich, and become famous for it.

Great Awakening- After a decline in Puritanism in the 1730‘s people were upset that religion was no longer as important. This lead to an outbreak of religious excitement called the Great Awakening which occurred (1739-1744)

Reasons for European Exploration in the 1500s-The American continents had a lot of wealth in gold and silver. The explorers also did it for power, glory from God.
Indentured Servants

Christopher Columbus- He wanted to seek a new water route to the East Indies so he sailed out with his three ships, but ran into an island in the Bahamas. He is considered the most successful failure because of his discovery of the Americas. This caused an economic system to emerge. Europe had markets, capital, and technology, Africa provided labor, and the New World had raw materials like sugar. Triangular trading system but genocide of an entire ethnic group.

Mayflower Compact-The Mayflower which carried Separatists in hope to come to the New World missed its original destination of Plymouth Rock rather Plymouth Bay, set by the Virginia Company. They became squatters and had no right over the land or ability to form government so a pilgrim leader