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Domino’s Pizza
Domino’s pizza is considered to be world’s most renowned company around the globe. Domino’s offer both, delivery from door to door as well as take away from store. Currently Domino’s pizza chain is expanded over 8000 store around the world, whereas foremost cities of U.S have a domino’s pizza. Domino’s fulfills customer’s yearning for Italian American food through its treasure of fresh ingredients and by offering wide variety of options in the menu

Internal factors: - Internal environmental factors are events that occur within an organization. Generally speaking, internal environmental factors are easier to control than external environmental factors
External factors:- External environmental factors can be more dangerous for an organization given the fact they are unpredictable, hard to prepare for, and often bewildering.
Analysis of company internal & external factors.

Internal factors:-
International strategies (Competitive analysis)
SWOT Analysis:
Every organization has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as threats and opportunities, As far as domino’s swot is concerned its swot analysis is as under.
Currently Domino’s is the market leader in providing wide range of pizzas, in a manner that there are no competitors in this sector. There excellent image has made the organization more worth full. Moreover, Domino’s is render pleasing taste, quality products with qualified staff, splendid ambience and hygienic surroundings. They are specialized in pizzas. Moreover Motivation level of staff is very high which make the organization more prosperous. They are ISO (International Standard Organization) certified. They have equipped with plenty of resources for operating different activities of the organization. They are providing free home delivery service. They have created monopoly in this sector. Another big Strength and even a Competitive Advantages the fact that they have a full service restaurant as well as delivery services. Most of domino’s competitors do not have restaurants. Because of the restaurant, Domino’s can market too many different segments that other pizza chains cannot. For example, Dominos can market to families much easier than Domino’s or Little Caesar's.
Domino’s weaknesses:
As far as domino’s weaknesses is concerned, domino’s holding a restaurant to run is also the major weakness that it has, because of it has higher overhead cost than that of competitors as competitors don’t have a restaurant to deal with therefore their overhead cost is quite lower than that of Domino’s. As a result of higher overhead cost domino’s charge higher prices. Obviously, Domino’s is not the low cost producer. As they charge higher prices so that’s why they are accountable for quality pizza and good service. They are providing less range of products comparatively with high prices. They are more focused on western taste instead of Eastern.
Very few outlets have dine-in facilities
The menu is limited and pricey, and there are very few budget items on the menu.
Domino’s has a high potential therefore it has numerous opportunities likewise; if it come across new markets then new opportunities will be born. Considering eastern test of the people like Mc donalds, Domino’s can come up with new products. Market share can be increased by bringing variety of new products. Prices can be reduced because of more Domino’s.
Currently major threat that Dominos can face are from competitors, as their immediate competitor which is pizza hut, is working over to open their branch hastily. But competitive advantage that domino’s have over pizza hut is their lower price.
PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological)
Political issues include regulatory frame work operating in judicial system which may distress the business in diverse ways. In UK, there isn’t as such factors that might embrace domino’s business. While factors like, laws on business employment,…