Domino's Pizza Balance Scorecard Essay

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Balanced scorecard of DOMINO’S PIZZA

TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1) Introduction 2) Customers perspective 3) Internal processes 4) Innovation and learning 5) Financial Perspective 6) Conclusion 7) References
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They believe the faster they get piping-hot, delicious pizza to a customer’s door, the faster the customers will re-order. This has kept their store teams dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations, every time. Moreover, the increase rate of return customers will generate more revenue and brand awareness. In 2009, there are 34% more dividends delivered to their shareholders compare to 2008. This has attracted more investors spend more money to buy the shares, which mean more capital to spend on innovation on marketing, centralized ingredient, logistic system and training on employees. The outcome of this is better customer service for the customers. Furthermore, in 2009 there were 55 new stores set up in smaller towns across UK. In estimation, in 2021, there will be 1200 stores all over UK. This will allow more customers to purchase with Domino’s pizza and this will boost the revenue margin by more than 27.8% revenue increases compare to present state.
Delivery performance measure for Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s claims the delivery cycle time for an order taken and order ready to be delivery will only take 13.4 minutes and their average delivery time will only take 23 minutes in total, to deliver pizzas to the customers. In the UK stores, they have delivered extra 5.4m pizzas in 2009. Their efficient delivery performance has improved the quality of service by deliver the order in the