Homosexual Essay: Dont Ask, Don T Tell

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Don’t ask, Don’t tell
“Don’t ask, Don’t tell” is the kind of human rights discrimination, especially soldiers. They already suffer pain about far away from their families, if the soldier is homosexuality, and he or she does not has right to talk, they will suffer another pain, it will lead to psychological issues.
The existence of homosexuality is an inevitable fact. Personally, I support homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with them, so we cannot discriminate them. Because they are also have their own emotion and make contribution to the society. Homosexuality is something that we can neither understand nor perform ourselves. But we should be tolerant and understanding. Everyone has their legally basic right to live, and to choose how to live. Love is not confined by age, gender, or status. Then existence of gay and it does not disturb or harm others. A person can decide anyone to be his or her other half without breaking the law. Love is not a crime. People are somehow by the present view toward LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender). Homosexuals who can tell their sexually frankly is really brave. And how much courage should they take. The society should be more forgiving.
Domestic violence is a problem in Arkansas. Actually, it is not just Arkansas, domestic violence happen everywhere.
Domestic violence occurs in the family, because of various factors, victims are often reluctant to open, coupled with the public's indifference and insufficient involvement of the judiciary, domestic violence is more subtle than other violence, complexity and persistence. One of domestic violence cases from student union, Celestia Duffin was 32 years old, because of arguing with her husband of one week, she died under her husband knife, and she was 27-28 weeks pregnant at the time of death. Her husband pleaded not guilty