Don't Tell the Bride Essay

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Review on Don’t Tell the Bride

The groom’s ambitious wedding plan is to get married 12,000 feet in the air on an airplane. That’s not daredevil enough. The groom is expecting his bride to wear the white boiler suit outfit and sky dive immediately after she said I do on her wedding day. The airplane booked by the excitement of the groom’s plan. On the other hand, the bride isn’t dreaming daredevil do. She is keen to avoid anything gimmicky and hopes for an intimate family gathering. Also, the bride is yearning for the venue, which is elegant, classic and traditional. Not a parachute jump mind. Despite the bride’s panic of the height, her groom is determined to chase after his own style of dream wedding on a sky-high in the airplane. Is this fairy tale wedding end in happiness?

The typical, commercially driven reality programme shown on BBC3 on Tuesday at 9 O’clock. “Don’t Tell the Bride,” is about a bride and groom who are separated for three weeks and not allowed to contact each other during the organising of the wedding.

The programme follows couples through the entire process of organizing a wedding, the twist being that groom is presented with £12,000 to arrange everything without the bride knowing any of the details. She agrees to hand over all control of the wedding to the groom. She has no idea where their wedding venue is, or who is turning up, until the big day itself, and she won’t see the dress until just hours before she wears it up the aisle

Most women have dreamt of their perfect, fairy tale wedding day. They have thought through every detail from what dress they will wear down to what flowers will grace their bouquet, so the bride in the programmed has a long and terrifying wait to find out what the groom has in store.

Many scenes in this programme are bothered me terribly. First of all, what I really can’t stand is that many grooms don’t even know the exact measurement of the bride for the wedding dress, resulting in the bride throwing a tantrum when she can’t fit into the dress or busting into tears when she first sees the dress. For example, a feisty bride, Trish come from Erith, Kent hates being out of the control. When she saw the wedding dress, she instantly knows the dress is not what she dreamed for. Sadly, she refused to wear the wedding dress that her groom chose for her. Eventually, she ended up with panic attacks. Is this a dream wedding?

Another outrageous scenes in this programme is that the groom arranges hair and make up artist for…