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Don Freeman had many talents, he loved to play the trumpet, and also he was known as a painter, printmaker, cartoonist, illustrator and a writer of children's books. Don was born on August 11, 1908 in San Diego, California, Don lived with his grandmother until he was eleven years old from there he was sent to a private school in St. Louis Missouri called the Prineipia. While attending the Prineipia, Don started taking an art class with John Sloan, he is who influenced Freeman interested in painting. After high school graduation, Don Freeman’s grandmother gave him the gift to pursue his talent in art by paying for a summer course at the San Diego School of Fine Arts. While attending the art school he met his soon to be wife Lydia Cooley.
Then in 1929 Don Freeman moved to New York where he was hoping to have a career playing as a jazz trumpeter until one day he left his trumpet on a subway train. From there Don Freeman focused his attention on his talents to art full-time. He enrolled into the Art Students League where he studied graphic design and lithography. Don Freeman enjoys to also do oil painting, etching, chalks and watercolor.
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Freeman was also greatly recognized for his drawings of the Manhattan life style in the 1930's. At this time period Don Freeman married his girlfriend Lydia Cooley and had a child named Roy Freeman. Lydia was also a part of Freeman’s books, she would help Don with a majority of his children books, particularly when it came to the storylines and text. The couple stated that their ideas for the books came to them out of every-day situations and that the only message Don wanted the children to learn through his books is that when they encounter their difficulties in life, do it with courage and with a positive