Don Marquis Argument Analysis

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Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of the human pregnancy, typically performed before the first 28 weeks. In this paper, I will discuss the moral permissibility of performing any type of abortion, and I will refute Don Marquis argument against abortion as it fails to consider the mother’s autonomy and rights. Marquis has demonstrated the impermissibility of abortion in his paper Why abortion is immoral. After analyzing the standard pro-choice, and pro-life arguments, he concluded that most arguments seem to broad or too narrow. Marquis then determined that if the moral question “Why is it wrong to kill an adult human being” (Marquis 189), can be logically deducted, rather than it being a known truth, the moral permissibility or impersonality can be …show more content…
Marquis’s argument was as was follows: (1) if the reason for why killing an adult human-being can be deducted , and (2) it is assumed “the fetus is the is the sort of being whose life is seriously wrong to end” (Marquis 183), then (3) since the logical reasoning of any sort of killing is logically understood, rather than simply being a known truth, it can be concluded that is wrong to abort a fetus. Marquis reasoned that is wrong to kill because “the loss of one’s life deprives one of all experiences, activities, enjoyments that would have otherwise constituted ones’ future” (Marquis, 189), the future deprivation account. Thus, because the reason of why killing any human-being can be reasoned though the future deprivation account, Marquis established that abortion is immoral. Alternatively, in Judith Thomson’s paper A Defense of Abortion, the permissibility of abortion is demonstrated. Thomson uses thoughts experiments in her paper to put the abortion controversy in