Don T Give Up The Fight Analysis

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Reflective Essay: It is pretty cool and amazing on what an hour of study hall time can do on a week with no homework. This piece, Don’t Give Up the Fight, best represents how far I have come over the course of three years. I love to write fictional narratives; there’s no rules, boundaries, and infinite possibilities to express your emotions, thoughts, and messages in the art of writing. The time for this process and picking this piece couldn’t be more perfect. I have recently started Cape Henry Track, and I can directly relate to how Anna feels after running--tired. I also found it interesting writing about a side of two of my best friends, Faith and Anna, that doesn't necessarily exist. This piece resembles all of the skills I have learned and mastered over the course of my middle school years. The piece shows that I understand my friends and can take real life situations from their past, and mesh them together with my personal experiences. Emphasis and effect, in my opinion, are present in this piece which makes the story more impactful and memorable. My ability to focus in class has proven useful in writing. I am able to produce well developed, quality, and detailed work because I apply the skills I learn in class, not just …show more content…
I always strive to get the right answer and produce quality results. I have a great worth ethic; which allows me to carefully look and review information, in order to understand and apply it in the future so I can be successful on my assignments. I also never ask questions, so I can fully understand the topic and walk out ready to use it in real life. This piece shows my attention to detail. I have an open mind and am flexible to criticism as I got from my friend, Anna, who I wrote the essay about. There is limitless potential for me in English 9H, and my writing skills will only get better in a challenging space, out of my comfort