Don T Pick Out Any One Specific Things That I Learned In High Class

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I don't think I can pick out any one specific thing that I can consider 'most important.' I absolutely loved every week of this class, and never once was I not interested in what I was learning. From the beginning, learning about motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, stress, and looking a little more in depth at each of the emotions we deal with daily will help me in the future upcoming classes overcome stress and use emotions and both types of motivators in a positive and constructive way. Then, taking it further and learning how your EQ will affect your success in school, home, and career and how important it is to have a high EQ.The following chapter them really grabbed my attention with the dimensions of wellness and how keeping a healthy balance among them paves the road to your overall success, because if you are not well in all areas, it may throw everything off, setting you back physically and psychologically. The fourth week, however, I can honestly say was my favorite, with doing and giving the Jung typology test and seeing the results of me and my family, I was fascinated at how incredibly spot-on the descriptions were of each of our results. It was scary accurate, and I couldn't stop researching further and wanting to know more. Knowing the traits of my own personality and those of people around me helps further understand why we are how we are and helps to be able to work better with one another, and those that have different traits. For both school and career, this is important because in both scenarios you come in contact and have to work together with a variety of different types of people with different personalities, behaviors, and beliefs. The next week, I learned my learning style and some ways to use that effectively through school and onto my career. The last