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I had to upload something to view sooooo... ignore this. So here's a story i had to write for english
The start of a new school year sucks. Not because I have to go to school, it’s just getting back into the same routines as before. After spending 15 minutes finding my way around the unfamiliar school I grab my books for the first class of the day and head towards the classroom. I step into the room and scan over the people sitting on tables talking and being loud. I spot a desk at the back where nobody is and take a seat. While waiting for the class to start I observe the people who I will share the class with. This class is full of girls who faces are covered with make-up and the short skirts, the guys who think they are better than everybody and that all the girls want them.
The bell rings signalling it’s time for class to start. Everybody sits down and continues to talk in a loud whisper. I feel out of place, being the new girl that nobody knows, or wants to know in this case. The teacher walks in late as what would be expected. He seems young and good looking, all the girls start going gaga over him. I sit back and roll my eyes at them. He wouldn’t even be interested in them so why even try? He sets his stuff down on the woken desk at the front of the room before introducing himself.
“Good morning class. I’m Mr Hutton. I’ll start by doing the attendance.” He shuffles through the papers he had not long set down before pulling out one sheet and gabbing a pen
He clears his throat to begin and the door wings oven.
“Sorry I’m late… Mr Hutton.” The boy says before shutting the door.
“That’s fine Kyle. You can go sit…” he scans the room and his eyes falls onto me. “With the new girl.” He points to me, everybody noticing me for the first time.
Kyle nods his head and walks towards me to claim the empty seat next to me. He sets his stuff down and sits.
“So new girl. Would you like to introduce yourself?” Mr Hutton says in a loud voice over the loud whispers of the other students.
I stay sitting in my chair and speak up. “I’m Jennifer.”
“Tell us about yourself.” He says while going through the papers on his desk, not once looking up.
“Nope.” I say looking directly at him.
Slowly he raises his head and all the loud whispers become silent. He tilts his head as if to say ‘What was that?’ and I raise my eyebrows in return. I was not going to tell a bunch of people who didn’t even notice me walk in the room about myself.
“Alright.” He says after a long pause. “I’ll ask questions and you can answer them.”
“Not going to happen.” I cross my arms over my chest sitting back in my chair.
“Excuse me?” he stands from his desk and starts making his way over to me.
“I’m not telling a bunch of complete strangers about myself when they didn’t notice me walk in the room 15 minutes ago.” My voice not failing me as I slightly snap at the teacher.
I feel a hand on my arm and I look to my right. Kyle had his hand my arm and his eyes were telling me something. Telling me to stop. I look back to Mr Hutton.
“At least not yet.” I add to my last sentence.
His sharp look stares straight at me before he turns around and heads back to his desk. He is now in a bad mood what I can gather. Mr Hutton seems like the type who doesn’t like it when people fight back, he likes to be in charge.
I look over to Kyle and whisper a thanks to him. He smiles in response.

The class ends and I nearly run out of the room. Being a new student isn’t easy, or fun. I begin to walk back towards my locker when I hear someone calling out my name. I turn around and see Kyle waving and arm while walking towards me.
“Hey.” He smiles as he catches up to me.
“Hi, thanks for earlier too.” I say as I continue to head to my locker.
“It was nothing. So, you want hang out? You know, so I can show you around or something?” he follows behind me closely.
“Sure, why not?” I stop and my locker, unlocking it and placing my books in before closing and locking it again.