Don't Void the Roid- Steroids Essay

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Don’t Void the Roid

When someone turns on their television or flips through a magazine it’s almost guaranteed they will see some form of a beautiful, healthy person. They will have a perfect body, whether male or female, and those models give average Americans the idea that they need to have perfect bodies too. This isn’t completely wrong, though, since Americans should be in shape. Besides, what guy doesn’t want to look his best when he takes off his shirt at the lake or what girl doesn’t want a perfect bikini body for summer? For some people losing weight and building muscles doesn’t always come very naturally. Those people need help, whether it’s hiring a personal trainer or being put on some sort of weight loss plan. But what if there was something out there that could help build muscle and burn fat fast? Steroids could help people get the body they want. They could help guys who have a hard time building muscles and help women who can’t lose the weight they want to. There’s just one problem with that plan: steroids are illegal and strictly controlled in the United States. However, what will be explained here is why steroids should be legal for the men and women who want to lose weight and build their bodies.
Before deciding that steroids are bad one should take a look at all the different sides to steroid usage. For starters, a person should keep in mind all the different pros and cons of the drug and understand that steroid usage affects one person; the user. Some of the topics that will be addressed are: the major benefits of steroids and the side effects they can have on both girls and guys. Also, these side effects will be shown in comparison to other hazardous things that are legal. Finally, it will be explained how doctors could work to make steroid a safe drug for the athletes who want to use them.
First of all, taking steroids can have major benefits if they are used in the right way. The drug can builds up muscle, increases strength, speed, and metabolism. It may delay fatigue, and even support the body’s healing capabilities, that way the user can exercise harder and more frequently. Since steroids can increase the body’s metabolism they can help reduce body fat, and they should be allowed as a weight loss and body building supplement.
There are several medical prescribed usages for steroids. They were used for patients with anemia, before bone marrow transplants became common and have been used for patients with AIDS and other syndromes that cause muscle and weight loss. Cancer patients can be prescribed to take steroids to prevent them from getting nauseous from chemotherapy. They can also help heal burned victims. Some types of steroids are used to reduce inflammation and the drugs used to treat asthma attacks are a form of steroid.
Like any other drug out there, steroids can have side effects and both men and women should know these side effects and the proper usage before taking them. Steroids can make men temporarily sterile while using the drug, which can be permanent. It can also cause acne and hair gain in both men and women. If steroids are abused and overused they also can increase your blood pressure and cholesterol, especially if user is not on the proper diet while taking them. Girls need to be extra careful when taking the drug, because one of the main ingredients in steroids is the male hormone, testosterone. The effects of the hormone would not only cause a girl lose fat and build muscle easier, she could also have the effect of more body hair and a deeper voice. A steroid user can be affected the most when they stop taking them. Because of the major increase of hormones that steroids add to the body, it can react badly to the hormone drop once the cycle is complete. The decrease of hormones can affect a person’s sex drive and could possibly lead to depression.
After looking into the side effects of steroids it’s hard to believe drinking and smoking are legal when steroids