Donald Duck In Mathmagic Land Maths

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Mathematics is use in our everyday lives. Mathematics have been around for centuries. It was first found in the Greece in the 6th century by Pythagoras. He was the first to discover that a whole system of mathematic could be created. Throughout the movie of Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land math was used. Donald Duck did not realize that mathematic was used in everything. In the beginning, of the movie he was shock to find out that mathematic was even used in music. Pythagoras discovered that mathematic is also used in music. Donald Duck was shown how mathematic was used in music. He was given a string and was ask to pull the divided part of the string. He discovered that the pulled string is the same tone one octave higher. He discovered that there is a ratio of 2 to 1. This was one of Pythagoras famous discovery. This discovery helped developed the musical scale and bases of today music. Pythagoras had secrets meeting with is mathematic group, which they talk about math. Pythagoras discovered that pentagram is filled of mathematic. He realizes that the two shorter lines of the triangle combine equal the third triangle. The second and third line also equals the fourth. This line shows the magical proportion of the golden section. The star contains the golden rectangle. The rectangle can reproduce itself indefinitely. The rectangles that were …show more content…
Chest is a game of calculated stregies. The broad is geometrical which make the moves mathematical. All most all games are played geometric areas. Baseball is play on a diamond, football is played on a rectangle divided yard lines, and basketball is a game of circles, spheres, and rectangle. Mathematics is also used in ping pong. The ball must contact three cushions before it hit the other balls. The player must also know the angles and then the player must figure out what number the ball must bounce off. Afterwards the player must find a number for the Q