Donald J Trump Rhetorical Analysis

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After American won its independence from Britain in 1776, we had a new leader called the president. After a 4 year run awe can elect a new president or stick with a old one, and the year of 2016 we had 2 people running Hillary Clinton or Donald j trump and to be honest America would have been better with an ape as president than these 2 knuckle heads. Donald J. Trump the more idiotic of the two, but also has more experience and in his statement he just gave facts about himself making him self look better than Hillary ideas on what we need to do for her election. Some things easy to see in trump statements is his use of hyperboles, anecdotes, and declarative statements.
We know that trump is rich to day and his small loan of a million dollars
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In trumps third body paragraph he mentions being honored in the pentagon for raising millions of dollars for veterans. This actually happened in 1996 and it wasn't the president that honored him it was the secretary of defense and also Joint Chief the staff of Grand Marshal. The use of events in trumps statement is known as an anecdote. The real definition is a "short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person" basically a story and this is why trump has so many of the united states votes since he is helping the inner …show more content…
A short and east why to define declarative statement is that it’s a phrase or saying that used in a sentence. In the second paragraph trump says "as the republican presidential nominee with a record number of votes in the primary season... Stop illegal immigrants and bring back jobs so we can Make America Great Again." Since trump has been running for almost a year I know that some of this sound familiar that "Make American Great Again" its his little saying that's he's used over and over again. Finally adding it in his statement making it into a declarative