Donald Trump Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Donald Trump currently the president of the United States of America, and multi-billionaire of his own Trump Industries. Trump has been the most highly talked about president in history for being the first president that was not politically affiliated and his rhetoric form of speaking. Trump is an ineffective speaker. He has lived off his motto saying that he will make America great again. He goes and rants and his main points sometimes are never conveyed due to not staying on subject. I will point out his verbal and non-verbal communications tactics that he has presented.

Trump tones speaks arrogance, he speaks highly of himself. In his eyes he is the only one that can do things correctly. He spews out insults upon the senate and white house staff for not doing things the way he thinks it should be handled. He has caused the news reporters several times liars. He lives off the fact that he is rich and doesn’t need anyone else to support him. He says several times in speeches that he is rich. His position of
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This helped them to stay focused on their subject and make sure the importuned facts where delivered to the waiting crowd. Trump does not use Teleprompters. He speaks to the crowds with rhetorical questions and repeats himself several times. President Trump appeared on the Tonight Show a few years ago and explained why he valued speaking in a more extemporaneous style. He told the crowd that even though it’s much easier to read a speech from a teleprompter you don’t get the same response that you would if you just speak. Although its much more risker you will get a response from the crowd that you’re looking for. At the National Prayer breakfast President Trump veered off subject and began to speak about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the low ratings on his former television show The Apprentice. After talking about him he then asked the crowd to pray for the former governor Schwarzenegger and the