Donald Trump Rhetorical Analysis

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Every year, The president delivers his state of the union (SOTU) address to congress and esteemed guests. The SOTU fulfills Article II, Section II of the Constitution, which states that the president shall “time to time give to the Congress information about the States of the Union.” In sum, the SOTU allows the current president to give the citizens an update on the progress that he has made, and the progress he hopes to make. This year, nearly 46 million people tuned in to watch Donald Trump’s first SOTU. As people have begun to discover, Trump easily deviates from customary presidential norms, which proves to cause great problems in the domestic, and international, populace. During the 2018 SOTU, Trump continued down his atypical route of presidential antics. Continuing with his nationalist rhetoric and infeasible claims, …show more content…
The SOTU demonstrated this idea easily, as many democrats sat stoney faced as Trump continued his aggressive attacks on immigration. However, though some would say this represents the stereotypical SOTU, presidents do not often clap goadingly in the direction of the silent opposition. Trump’s rhetoric during his speech transcends just his sentences. Every action contributes to a speech’s overall effect. Trump clapping in democrat direction only increased the hostility of the atmosphere and made many around the U.S realize that his immature measures would not stop anytime soon. Though yet another controversial speech, as Trump barraged immigration, securities, and many other civil liberties, I suffered no surprise from his SOTU. Generating attention, whether negative or positive, remains Trump’s quintessential strategy during speeches. I believe his speech did accomplish its goal, as though not many solid objectives emerged, his agenda received attention from almost a sixth of the