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Donatello is also known as Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi. He was born in 1386 in Florence, Italy. He is famous for his sculptural works in Italy and especially the David’s scripture in Florence, Italy. He is also said to have made brass pulpits for Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo which is believed to have been built by Brunelleschi. Also, he is referred to be one of the earliest artists of renaissance period who worked through the perspective of ideology. He used sculptural method to bring dramatic images and shapes to life. However, he died aged one hundred years in 1489. He is well remembered for his artwork which is seen and studied (Post,p.65).

Michelangelo was born on 6th march, 1475 in Caprese village in Italy. He is one of the famous artists of renaissance period, which is believed to be a period of the evolvement of artwork in Italy. However, when he attained the age of twelve, he became an apprentice painter to a professional painter of Florentine, Domenico Ghirlandaio who orientated him to painting. Later on he began to study sculptural work in which he well flourished. He is famous for his work in the modeling of a marble statue which represents Virgin Mary grieving over dead Jesus’ body. He also worked on the David’s statue between 1501and 1504 which stands at the height of 4.34m/14 ft 3. The statue is placed outside Palazzo Vecchio. It is currently viewed as a symbol of new republic which replaced Medici rule. However, Michelangelo died at the age of eighty nine in 1564. He left behind significant statues which serve as his memoirs (Wittkower,p.32).

He was born in 1598 in Rome, Italy. He was a dominant figure of renaissance period in which he had specialized in sculptural and architectural work. However, his father orientated him in the sculptural work from which he gained experience and got a work in Rome. He is famous for his work in the statues of David, Apollo, and Daphne. More also, he is believe to have designed the monument of the ornate baldachin and marble decorations found in St. Peter’s square. He died in 1680 at the age of eighty two.

Interestingly, statue of David which wads modeled by Michelangelo is the most famous statue in the whole world and perhaps an important tourist attraction site in Italy. Michelangelo was commissioned to start the work on the statue in the year 1501 by Arte della Lana whose responsibility was to decorate the cathedral in Florence. A marble block was presented top him as a construction material which had earlier been prepared by Agostino di Duccio for the same purpose (Frederick,p.8).

However, Michelangelo did not apply the traditional method of presenting David as a hero. Rather he presented him as a youthful individual tensed with the sense of getting magical power in order to proceed for the battle. His representation is based on the