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There will be a number of donations given to The Need 2 Read Foundation. The Boise-area community have been over generous to the foundation. Online donations have been setup on the foundation website. Online donation creates another giving venue. Almost always, the more ways an organization can solicit and collect donations, the more donations it will receive. (Glen E. Holt, George Horn, 2005). Since we’ve set up the online donations, there has been a rise in contributions from businesses and private donors. Two-thirds of America’s children living in poverty have no books at home, and the number of families living in poverty is on the rise. (Literacy Issues, n.d.) Studies suggest that providing children with print materials helps them read better. Goodwill Industries International, Inc. has set up several book donation sites around Boise. They are offering a pick-up service for large donations. They have paid for television and radio advertisements to promote book donations. There has already been a count of three thousand books given, but there will be more since the donation sites are still open. The books will be categorized and prices range from 20 cents to $5, with the exclusion of collectable books, these books will be priced accordingly. There will be lots and lots of books from romance to action, hard cover and paperback novels, cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction, educational, children's books and more. You'll never know what you may find, unless you visit on the day! There will be 20 volunteer workers sent from Goodwill. They will setup tables for visitors to browse books and collect money. All proceeds will go to the Learning Lab. In addition to the donations, Goodwill is buying enough new children’s books to give out one to every child that attends the festival. There will be a variety of entertainment for the kids. Several inflatable bounce houses and slides are being donated and setup courtesy of Boise Inflatable Rentals. Several volunteers…