Essay on Donations For Stomp Out Bullying

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Donations for Stomp Out Bullying
Why donations are good you may ask? My position is to write about donations for the organization Stomp Out Bullying because it goes to a good cause, helps spread the word, and prevents kids in the future from getting hurt.
One good reason donations are good because they go to a good cause it helps get posters and billboard signs “Donations to this cause is reasonable because what if it’s your kids getting picked on?” This is a great example of how parents feel about this. Past experiences with donations has turned out great. Helping spread the news that great kids are getting picked on by kids who need help and have anger issues so they take it out on other children. Donations are also very good because they are stopping kids from crying in their room from hurtful words that these children say, they have no idea how bad it hurts. Sometimes these children, pre-teens, and teenagers commit suicide over stuff that isn’t worth someone’s life. This organization tries to prevent stuff like this from happening.
Donations also help kids understand people care and will protect and fight for them. The money can go for counselors for this kid who are scared to go to school because their scared to be made fun of and beat up. The money could also go to the bullies who mistreat this kids and find out why their so cruel and help them to change their ways.
Donations help in many ways, helps stop bullying, prevents bullying and spreads the