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December 6, 2012
English Composition 118 A Hero’s Moment of Truth Superpowers aren’t needed in order to be considered a hero. Hero is defined we as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. This seems true when one thinks about who consider as hero. Growing up most children all had a favorite hero that they aspired to be like. Heroes were somebody we wished we could one day become whether it was Batman, Superman, a family member, or even a police officer. Heroes have the ability to recognize, acknowledge, and accept the reason they must never quit their journey in life. None of the things previously mentioned require superpowers. Being a hero is more of a decision rather than having powers. Anybody can be a hero but only if they so choose to. That being said everybody possesses the potential to be a hero but everybody is not willing to step up to the challenge. Life consists of countless decisions and choices that must be made. That applies for every single person that’s alive. The decisions made are what separate heroes from everyone else. For example, a hero would chose to put their life in danger for the sake of others while the average person would think that the hero’s actions were absurd. This is because hero’s see things differently. What’s a big problem to one person may be small to another. Let’s say a person failed their test. Some people may see that as the end of the world and chose to remain dormant in their disappointment. Others will realize that it’s just one test and chose to try harder for the next one. A hero may encounter times where they are knocked down but the potential inside would refuse to let them remain down. Different things besides superpowers make heroes stand out. Thus it is the choices heroes’ makes that make them standout. The main reason some people aren’t comfortable with accepting the role of being a hero is because they fear going through the struggles a hero would face. Heroes go through times where all odds are against them and their backs are against the wall. Moyers asked Campbell “What’s the mythological significance of the belly.”(180) Campbell replied “The belly is the dark place where digestion takes place and new energy is created. The story of Jonah in the whale is an example of a mythic theme that is practically universal, of the hero going into a fish’s belly and ultimately coming out again, transformed.”(180) That’s when the hero must choose if they will give it their all or call it quits, and again I say it’s all a choice. In addition to that, Moyers asked Campbell “Don’t many of the heroes in mythology die to the world? They suffer, they’re crucified.”(165) Campbell response was “Many of them give their lives. But then the myth also says that out the given life comes a new life. It may not be the hero’s life, but it’s a new life, a new way of being or becoming.” (165,166) This doesn’t mean that there must be actual death and rebirth of a person. When a hero dies their life is reborn through the story of their life. A perfect example is Chris from Into the Wild. Chris McCandless is looked upon as a hero for not fearing to live his life how he wanted. Though he died his story of his life remains alive. He has a book about his life which is very popular but yet he is not physically here. Not only him but there are countless stories of people who are heroic but not physically here. Jesus is another great example. Jesus has numerous stories about him that are worldly known. Each of them knew what they wanted from life and kept true and loyal to what they stood for. Giving up was not on their agenda. Moreover, some people are afraid to be the one to step and fight for what they believe in. Some people are content with following the norm. One thing about heroes is that they never abide to society norms. Chris McCandless was a weird,…