Donna Dubinsky Essay

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I. Why was Donna so successful during her first 4 years at Apple before the JIT dispute?
Dubinsky’s advanced because: (1) her division delivers results, (2) her individual performance is strong, (3) Apple’s environment permits rapid advancement, and (4) her boss helps her.
1. Sales delivered strong results, and Dubinsky was a recognized positive contributor to it. Dubinsky’s group performed well on key metrics including dealer satisfaction,supporting new product launches without delay, and scaling up operations as the Company grew. Her group had no complaints from other Apple divisions about costs, or from dealer customers about inventory availability,demonstrating strong logistics performance. She was playing for a winning team.
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Hypothesize why Dubinsky reacted this way to Jobs’ and Coleman’s JIT proposal.
1. Dubinsky thought the JIT proposal would destroy the Company. Her reaction presents mistakes and flaws, but at core there isa substantive business judgment. This is valuable in that Dubinsky notices many flaws and unintended consequences implemented in the proposal.
2. Professor Jick’s article “Note on the Recipients of Change” allows us to speculate that a substantial part of Dubinsky’s identity is tied up in her work, and that this change therefore threatens her self-identity.Dubinsky has no outside obligations that would prevent her from quitting; in Jick’s phrasing, she lacks diversified emotional investing. Work is all she has, and it is being taken away. All the ways she measures herself as professionally successful – quality dealer relationships, lack of complaints, etc. have been questioned or discarded in the JIT process, and her place in the proposed JIT world is undefined and uncertain. She feels like she is unsafe, losing control of her destiny, and powerless. We can further hypothesize that Coleman’s presence exacerbates the situation because she has credentials similar to Dubinsky’s and is vigorously intruding into her space.
3. Dubinsky went through the change process relatively slowly, suggesting a comparative lack of capacity for change. Her earlier refusal