Don T Be Afraid To Shine !

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Don’t be afraid to shine!
Everyone knows what “gay” or “lesbian” means, but it doesn’t mean you should bully the people under that “category” so to speak. As humans we all deserve to be ourselves and not be put down by doing so. It is a fact that people who are different in this way are the most at being themselves. Everyone is different in a way that a lot don’t understand. We have our own opinions and perspectives. Although 3.4 percent of Americans are homosexual it is considered to be a sin, but 1.2 percent of homosexuals claim to be Christian.
Being homosexual is not always a bad thing. The true matter is how you act to others not what you believe in. A lot of homosexuals are really good people. Even some famous actors and singers are bisexual, gay, or lesbian. So just because someone is homosexual does not mean they cannot live a successful, or happy life. Being different is the way we are, and if we weren’t different the world would be boring. Everyone would be the same and everyone would have the same interest.
Are homosexuals born that way? Well truth is that some humans are actually born homosexual. Although when they are younger in age they do not realize it until they are much older. It is a proven fact that some of homosexuals used to be straight. There are many people also that have been homosexual and decided it was not for them and turned straight. When we are born we do not know exactly who we are, and about half of the people who are homosexual did not