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Together we will grow and learn


POST TITLE: Teaching Assistant - Level 1

RESPONSIBLE TO: Headteacher / Class Teacher / SENCO


To assist the classroom teacher in the support and inclusion of children. To support access to learning for pupils and encourage interaction and independence.


a) Supporting the Pupil

1. Supervise the activities of individuals or groups of children to ensure their safety and welfare.
2. Establish and maintain supportive relationships with individual pupils or small groups to ensure they understand and can achieve the tasks.
3. Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils.
4. Aid the learning of children by:
• Clarifying and explaining instructions;
• Ensuring that the child is able to use the equipment and materials provided;
• Motivating and encouraging the child as required;
• Assisting in weaker areas, e.g. spelling, handwriting, reading etc;
• Helping pupils to concentrate and to finish the work set.

b) Supporting the Teacher

1. Prepare the classroom for lessons as directed.
2. Undertake support activities for the teacher as required, e.g. photocopying, mounting displays, filing, etc.
3. Undertake pupil record keeping as requested.
4. Contribute to the management of pupil behaviour.

c) Supporting the Curriculum

1. Support pupils to understand instructions.
2. Support pupils in respect of