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Teenagers Dropping Out of School
Mom dad I don’t feel like going to school ever again; I’m not going in you can’t make me, that is something you would here from a teenager that is trying to get out of going to school. Most teenagers are not mature because if they were they would catch the dumb choices they make. Dropping out of school is never a option its not worth the risk at all. Teenagers that drop out of school are careless in stupid in here’s Why.
The one big reason why teens dropout of school because their lack of interest in gaining an education. Some teens just think its stupid to sit in a class for 7 hours because they become bored ( “ Why Teens drop out of high school “) . Another factor that plays in a student dropping out is peer pressure teenagers that don’t have a strong mind in cant think for themselves can be easy influenced into doing things they aren’t supposed to do. Drugs and Alcohol plays a big part on why teens dropout getting drunk in getting stone is what young people do nowadays they rather do those things then sit in a class room in listen to a teacher talk for 7 hours. But they fail to realize that the bad choices there making will affect their future tremendously.
Another imbecile reason why teens dropout is because of teen pregnancy in the past the dropout rate for pregnant teens was accounted 15% among teens between the ages 15-18 ( “ Why Teens drop out of high school “) .But now in the present that 15% changed to 4% because public schools have opted to reform their schools to cater to pregnant teens to ensure they complete high school. ( “ Why Teens drop out of high school “) .That’s why I think there is no reason to dropout out of high school there is no excuse at all not to get an education ; Without an education you want get very far in the world you wont be able to find a good job that will get you great income . Teens that drop out risk getting jobs that only pay minimum wage in maybe if there lucky they can find a job that pays them under the table but that still want be good.
In you also risk not getting hired at all that’s why it important to get an education. Life is hard that’s just how the world is in you are only hurting yourself if you set yourself back . My friend Chris who is two