Essay on dont kill your self

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Want kill your self?Imagine this.You come home from school one day.You've just had another horrible day,you're just ready to give up.So you go into your room,close the door and take out a suicide note.You've written.You take out those razor blades.And cut for the very last time.You grab pills&take them all.Laying down,holding the letter.hours later your little brother knocks on the door.You don't answer.So..He walks in to let you know dinner is ready.He see's you laying on your bed thinking you're asleep.He tells your mom that you're sleeping so She walks up there to wake you up.She notices something odd.She grabs the paper in your hand.Reading it.she tries to wake you up,she's screaming your name.Your little brother is so confused.Runs to dad telling him mom is crying& and sissy won't wake runs up to the room.Looks at your mom holding the letter to her chest.It hits him .He screams and throws something at the wall falling to his knees and starts crying..Next day at school,theres an announcement.telling everyone about your suicide..It takes a few seconds for it to sink in. everyone blames themselves,your teachers think they were to hard on you.Those mean girls that thought were popular,they think its all there fault for all the things they said to you.That boy that used to tease you&call you names,can't help but hate himself. For never telling u how beautiful your were. Your x,the one that you told everything to that broke up with you. He can't handle it.He breaks…