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Installation Guide for 1978-1993 Fox Body Mustang

Hardware and Parts List
All motor mounts come with a lifetime warranty and free replacement upon return of any mount or bracket. Quantity 2 2 1 1 2 4 2 1 1 4 4 6 2 8 Item: Frame Brackets Motor Mounts Transmission Crossmember Polyurethane Transmission Mount 3/8”-16 x 5 ½” Transmission Cross member to Frame Bolts 3/8” Flat Washers 3/8”-16 Nylon Lock Nuts 7/16”-13 x 1” Transmission Mount Bolt 7/16” Flat Washer ½”-13 x 1 ¼” Frame Bracket to Frame Bolts ½” Flat Washers ½”-13 Nylon Lock Nuts ½”-13 x 4” Motor Mount to Frame Bracket Bolts 10mm-1.5 x 25mm (Allen Head) Engine Mount to Block Bolts


Step 1: Locate the Driver’s Side (LEFT) and Passenger’s Side (RIGHT) motor mounts and loosely bolt them to the engine using the supplied 10mm allen head bolts, now loosely bolt the frame brackets to the engine mounts using the supplied ½”-13 x 4” long bolts and nylon lock nuts. (The bolts will be tightened after the engine is set in place and everything is lined-up)

(Detailed view of driver’s side motor mount and frame bracket on engine)

(Detailed view of passenger’s side motor mount and frame bracket on engine)


Step 2: Lower the engine into the chassis and align the frame bracket to frame bolt holes and loosely install the ½”-13 x 1 ¼” bolts, flat washers and nylon lock nuts.


Step 3: Lift the rear of the transmission using a floor jack. Install the polyurethane transmission mount on the transmission, making sure that you install the provided plate between the mount and the transmission (this preloads the polyurethane mount). Install the transmission crossmember into the chassis and bolt the polyurethane mount loosely to the crossmember using the 7/16”-13 x 1” bolt and the 7/16” flat washer. Loosely install the crossmember to frame bolts (3/8”-16 x 5 ½” bolts, flat washers and the 3/8”-16 nylon lock nuts).

(This picture shows the T-56 6-speed cross member. The 4L60E cross member installs in the same way. The 78-81 Mustangs/Fairmonts will need modification to the transmission mounting tabs to fit.)

NOTE: If you are running the T-56 transmission, you will need to grind the casting tab down some to make clearance for the cross member.

Step 4: Once you have checked to make sure that everything is installed correctly and