Pros And Cons Of Commercial Exhibitor Contracts

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98 West Custer Avenue
Helena, MT 59602 This Commercial Exhibitor Contract is between Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds and (hereafter referred to as Commercial Booth). In consideration of the mutual benefits and obligations set forth below, the parties agree to the following: 1. Nature of Contract. This Contract entitles Commercial Booth to conduct only such business as is set forth in this Contract and only during the term of the Last Chance Stampede & Fair, from Wednesday July 25th, to Sunday, July 29th, 2012. Commercial Booth is not permitted to operate its business prior to the specified dates. Under the provisions of this Contract, Commercial Booth is entitled to rent space from Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds to sell goods or provide information to Fair patrons. Lewis & Clark County must approve all goods and services prior to the opening day of the Last Chance Stampede & Fair. 2. Space. Commercial Booth shall be entitled to use the premises as assigned. Assigned space is for the sole use of the individual Commercial Booth. No Commercial Booth is to sublease or in any way allow any person or business to use their contracted space. This Contract, in whole or in part, cannot be assigned without the written consent of Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds. Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds may at any time on written notice to Commercial Booth alter or change the location of premises identified in the Contract. Commercial Booth agrees to move, at no cost to the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds, to a new location immediately upon receipt of written notice. Commercial Booth agrees that the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds shall have the right to inspect the premises at anytime. 3. Occupation of Space. Previous occupation of space at the Last Chance Stampede & Fair does not insure or guarantee that a Commercial Booth has a right to any space, the same space, or similar space in future years. No part of the exhibit shall extend beyond the designated space. Carpet in the booth is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must be removed after the fair. Tents or other structures used outside are the responsibility of the exhibitor and must fit within the designated commercial booth space. Exhibitor agrees to promptly reimburse and pay Lewis and Clark County for any damages caused by the exhibitor, its employees or agents, to the real property or equipment of the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds during the term of the contract. No stakes shall be placed in the asphalt. Exhibitor shall not make any alteration or otherwise permanently affix any personal property to the premises. All trade fixtures of exhibitor placed upon the premises must be removed after the fair. 4. Set-Up. Any motorized vehicle entering the grounds for the purpose of setting up Commercial Booth space must abide by the times set by the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds. Exhibitor set up time is Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 from 8:00am – 2:00pm. All Commercial Booths must be ready to open for business by 4:00pm. No other set up times are allowed without permission from the Fairgrounds Coordinator. Please note that Commercial Booth vehicles are not allowed on the midway area after Wednesday at 2:00pm, other than delivery times listed in Paragraph 5. If you still have items that need to go in your booth after the cut-off time, they must be hand-carried in. If a vehicle is left in the midway area, IT WILL BE TOWED AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE. 5. Deliveries. All deliveries made by delivery vehicles to Commercial Booth shall be made before 10:00 a.m. daily. These hours shall be strictly enforced. Deliveries at times other than those specified in this paragraph (5) shall be brought onto the Fairgrounds by hand (hand carts may be used). Absolutely