A Note On Geometry

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This project had many steps and challenges. It helped me learn mathematical equations and about my daily life. The best part about this project is that it fits my curriculum. I will use these components all throughout geometry. It will also help me for later mathematical course that I will take.
The first step in making this project was to record everything I did for a full twenty-four hours. After I had recorded what all I did I had to calculate how many minutes I spent doing each item and organize items into groups. Once everything added up to twenty-four hours I had to change each group into a percentage. I used the percentage to find out how large or small of a degree to make in my graph. Next I calculated the area of each sector. Lastly, I recorded and typed all my information. This project had many equations that I had to use multiple times. I had to use equations for area, percentage, and degrees. Since I had to repeat each equation many times, I eventually had the equations memorized. I also learned much about my daily schedule. I didn’t know that I sleep most of my day away or that only 15% of my day is spent doing homework. The great thing about this project is that it will help me with my geometry overall. Geometry is full with many equations that can be confusing at times. This project covered many equations. It also helped me differentiate between equations. This project helped me remember equations for test and exams that I will have to take in the