Essay on Doodles: Electronic Medical Record and Cerner Millennium Software

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IT Carnival

IT is changing the life around us. It is not only impacting our personal life but it is impacting the work environment of the companies and organizations. The two organizations below are an example of that. Adventist healthcare is a not-for-profit organization that is using that is using EMR technology which stands for Electronic Medical Record. The Cerner Millennium software is providing it with this technology by being a complete data about the hospital. Miss Sherry Dorsey explained how this IT replaces the old fashion way of using paper for records in the hospital. Instead of having profiles of the customers or even the doctors on a piece of paper stocked in a messy room where it can take time to find, they will have a digitized profile on the system. The digital profile will have everything about the patient like the age, the weight, the length, the gender, the history of the diseases, and many other details that the doctor or the nurse can retrieve in seconds from the software. Also, the software assigns the doctors according to their specializations and will let them follow the conditions of each of their patients. This technology saves a lot of precious time in a domain where time can equal life and also is environmentally friendly. Discovery Channel is also using a very powerful IT software. The software is called Broadview which Is used by many TV channels. Miss Danielle Shen showed us how this software helps the channel organize its entire time