DOPP Dos And Donts Essay

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Interview DOs and DON'Ts

Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake.
Stress your relevant skills and qualifications for the job opening and those relevant to the organization. Recount experience you have had which would prepare you for the job.
Approach the employer with respectful dignity.
Maintain your poise and self-control.
Try to overcome nervousness or shortness of breath (it helps to take a deep breath).
If you are really interested in the job, say so. Tell the interviewer you can do the job well.
A good statement for closing an interview might be, "This is one of my top choice jobs. I know I can do an excellent job for you."
Answer questions honestly and with straightforwardness.
Stress the contributions you would make.
Recognize your limitations.
Indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn.
Be well-groomed and appropriately dressed.
Know as much as you can about the organization and the position available prior to the interview. Learn ahead of time about the company and its products.
Be early.
Prepare questions in advance to ask the interviewer. This demonstrates interest on your part and provides you with additional information. The following link is an article that provides questions you may ask depending on whether your interviewer is in HR, a hiring manager, a headhunter, etc.
Keep a record of all interviews including date, timeline, position and interviewer's name.


Ask about salary. Let them bring it up.
Keep stressing