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The Picture of Dorian Gray Book Report – Chapters 1­9 1. Assigned to:Safuwra Wizzard “It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.” this quote relates to the painting of Dorian Gray. In this special case, the art literally reflects the spectator. A key concept in the novel is that Dorian Gray’s soul is supernaturally emulated in a portrait. Dorian’s image is a mirror to his soul, reflecting his true character. “For every sin that he committed, a stain would fleck and wreck its fairness... The picture, changed or unchanged, would be to him the visible emblem of conscience”( Wilde,p.67). He makes it so that he is the only one who is able to see the portrait changing. Throughout the novel Dorian’s sense of ethics and honesty shrinks and deteriorates. Dorian’s soul becomes hideous and depraved, While he remains angelic on the outside. “his loveliness would ever fade.
Not one pulse of his life would ever weaken” (Wilde,p.78). His portrait does not simply just become horrid, it expresses the sinfulness of soul. this is why this quote relates to the events related to Dorian and his portrait. 2. Assigned to: Holly Pittman
● Basil Hallward is an artist whom seems to very much enjoy what he does. He does not paint in order to make a living but instead, seems to just enjoy the art. He also puts his heart and soul into his paintings which is the reason that he does not prefer to exhibit the

art to the public. He feels as if it should be kept in the dark because he is characterized as enjoying the secrecy of things. Because of this, he does not want Harry to meet Dorian because he wants to keep Dorian to himself and feels like Harry will influence him in the wrong way. Basil is shown to have some degree of obsession over Dorian even when he has not known the young boy for a very long time.
○ Basil’s relationship with Dorian is of friends and the first time they met, it seemed something of fate. Their relationship changes as Dorian would rather spend more time with Harry than Basil.
○ Basil’s relationship with Lord Henry is one of friendship and they enjoy spending time together to talk and have Basil paint pictures for and of Harry. Their relationship does not change a lot except the slight decrease in time that they spend together.
○ Basil does not have a relationship with Sibyl except the stories that Dorian has told of her.
● Lord Henry is a wealthy friend of Basil’s and he seems to enjoy corrupting the young
Dorian’s mind. He is also a close friend of Basil and enjoys Basil’s company, for they have spent a lot of time together. Lord Henry is a wealthy man with a wife and a beautiful home.
○ Lord Henry’s relationship with Dorian is a strange friendship when they meet due to the relationship between Dorian and Basil. Harry likes Dorian because he is not corrupted by the world’s mental pollution. The only change in relationship that

they have is a slow increase in the time spent together and how Dorian looks up to
○ Lord Henry does not have a strong relationship with Sibyl except for stories that
Dorian shares with him.
● Dorian Gray is a young lad whom is Basil’s friend and seems to have a strange connected fate tied with Basil. Dorian is an innocent boy that has grown up without any immediate parents and he is not corrupted by the world in the early chapters. Later, Harry speaks to him about serious topics and other life questions and Dorian begins to question himself.
Dorian is now a person who sees the world as something to explore rather than something only to live in and be a part of. His relationship with Sibyl changes him to a more heartless and indifferent person. Dorian has a tragic past of lost family and also comes from money in which he is under the care of an uncle of him.
○ Dorian’s relationship with Sibyl is that of lovers. Dorian says that he is in love with her only to realize that he is only in love with her acting and he breaks