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Sharon Gnanayutham
According to Aristotle’s teleological ethics it is done from the perspective of the good and it is the final aim of our human actions.
In the movie, we see how Dorothy Day uses all her effort to achieve the good in community. She goes for protests, she gets involved in helping the poor, and also she finds happiness within the community. She leaves journalism to become a suffragette. She converts to Roman Catholicism and dedicates her life to serve the poor. She was a radical trying to change the world. Overall Dorothy day found happiness in serving the poor, putting her effort to build homes for them. All her activities aimed at achieving the good which made her happy.
According to Kants deontological ethics, ethics can be undertaken from the perspective of duties and obligations that can be justified and come from our autonomy and good will.
In the movie we see how Dorothy day’s heart breaks when she sees those people on the road and buildings getting burned, she realizes that she wants to serve the poor. She is convicted and asks god what she must do to help those who are poor. She established a political journal “ the catholic worker” and she was a tireless and outspoken champion of the rights of the poor. She continued her mission until her death and never gave up even though she went through a hard time and people began to call her communist.
According to Levinas’s relational ethics, ethics can start with the other personas