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My First Day at High School
Lubert Montero My first high school day I had mixed feelings I was actually excited and also nervous. I was sad and also happy that I got out of elementary school. I remember hearing story about Brebeuf and how hard of a school it was and how many fights happen daily and how everybody gets ninered. But surprisingly none of that ever happened. I was really excited to get into classes with my close friends in elementary but I didn’t get one class with them so I had to make new friends right away. I remember it being so quiet in the first day. It was hard at first introducing myself to people but later on the day I made some new friends. When I got to the school we had a big assembly first thing in the morning I remember seeing some many different type of people. Different race and size. But when I walked in I remember my close friends in elementary school coming up to me and introducing me to new people they just met and I just remember seeing everyone just standing next to each other awkwardly talking. It was first period and I had French. It remember being so quiet and nervous because I thought I was not going to have friends. But I sat beside I guy named Adam and at first it was awkward but then I started a conversation and it broke the awkwardness and we became friends. While at first we had to do a quick task were we introduced ourselves in the class and told a little something about ourselves and I said I was a basketball player and a friendly person. Allot of people said the same thing like what sports they like and what kind of person they were. I got really excited hearing allot of