Do's En Don Ts In While Doing Business In Asia Case Study Essay

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Do’s en don’ts in while doing business in Asia

Case behorend bij toetsen: Cross Cultural Management in het Engels

Code toetsen: TMACCM01R1E/TMAZCC02R1E (oude stijl) Project: Doing Business in Asia

Datum toetsen: Projectcoördinator: M.P. Jeandor Vakgebieden: Cross Cultural Management Toegestane hulpmiddelen op het tentamen: geen Rekenmachine: nee
(géén mobiele telefoon!) Hand-outs: nee Boeken: nee Readers: nee Overige: nee

1. Read the case before you start answering the questions.
2. You may not take this case to the exam.
3. The same case will be provided during the exam.
4. After the exam you should hand in this case as well.

Case “Do’s en Don’ts” while doing business in Asia This case is a part of the Exam Cross Cultural Management of TMA. Modulecode : TMACCM01R2E This information is retrieved from multiple sources comprising information about how to do business in Asia. Please read the following text and answer the questions mentioned on the exam sheet.

1. How to negotiate in Malaysia At all times be modest in the presence of your Malaysian business partner. Be polite and show your appreciation. You will be more
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Still arriving on time will be required. In order to meet the right people you need to get the appropriate introduction. A formal introduction by the Dutch embassy in Seoul will open doors, which otherwise could stay closed. Always address your Korean business partner by his title either function title. Using first name is not readily done in Korea. Mention on your business card not only your name, but also very clearly your function in English or even better in Korean. Hierarchy, seniority and status are very important in Korea. Adjust your function title towards the title of your