Double Whammy Theory

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Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for around 160 million years until something wiped them out 66.5 million years ago. There are a multitude of theories such as the asteroid theory, volcano theory, the bug/disease theory, and the double whammy theory surrounding the idea as to what could have happened to cause their extinction and how their extinction opened the door for humans.
One well known theory that scientists believed made the dinosaurs go extinct is the asteroid theory. It is believed that an object, ten kilometers across, struck off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula sixty-five and a half million years ago (What). The result of that would be a huge explosion that would throw dust clouds into the sky and darken the planet (Who). Also, massive
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The fossil record shows that the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs wasn't the only one that has occurred in our planet's history. The Earth has suffered a number of traumatic events over the course of its life and the mass extinction actually wasn’t the worst one. The Permian-Triassic extinction event occurred about two hundred and fifty million years ago and eliminated ninety percent of known species from the planet (Who). There were a lot of things that were happening at this time that could have impacted the mass extinction, such as the volcanic eruptions. So, it wasn’t just one disaster that happened, but multiple to make it a “double whammy” (Who). This is another of the possibilities that could have killed them. The double whammy theory could have enough evidence to support their extinction, but the other theories also have good evidence as …show more content…
There is some proof for them to be correct, but not enough evidence to support any theory to make it completely true. “A gradual decline in the number of dinosaur species would likely mirror an equally gradual cause of their ultimate extinction. Depending on location and interpretation, the fossil record seems to say different things.”Some of the evidence of the fossil record may be incorrect also besides the other theories.
The most famous theory was the asteroid theory which was believed that an asteroid fell out of space and hit Earth. It made a crater expand really wide and long. In the end it can’t be exactly decided as to which theory is correct or maybe they all go in together.
“Dinosaurs are often portrayed as having lived in a time before man.” (Men) However, the available evidence shows that man and dinosaur coexisted. So, it shows that dinosaurs and mammals may have been together in the same time period. Maybe there were other animals at the time of the Cretaceous period. The first theory listed was the asteroid theory which would have come down from space. The next one was is the Volcano theory which said that a volcano erupted and it caused climate change to the Earth. The one after that is the bug and disease theory. The other one is the Double Whammy theory, which was believed that multiple things impacted each other to cause an extinction.