Doubting Leads to Success Essay

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Doubting leads to success "Concerning the things that can be doubted" is an attractive poem because I can sense how the writer feels and what he treats the doubtful matters like what I do when questioning. The writer wants to expresses his feelings about some matters he doubted. Confused and frustrated,the writer reflected on whether the opinions were true or false regarding to the issues which others consider to be obvious. At the end of the poem,the sentence "Everything is uncertain" strongly expressed the writer's dilemma. I choose this work because I thought few students are willing to question matters now. But the writer did. A strange phenomenon around me made me confused when I was studying in China. I found the students were not questioning when they learned some new issues. They just made a note and took it for granted that all our teachers said were right. It could not be worse that a student should lose the critical thinking skill. Fortunately, when reading the poem, I find that the writer doesn't give up questioning, even though he gets stuck. Just like the writer, we may feel frustrated and uncertain. But it's not an excuse for us to accept issues without questioning. Questioning the matters even though there might be 99% chance that Yu 2 they are correct, will likely help us to obtain the goals we pursue. Just like the writer does. He questions the simple universal truth, the earth and the sky. It is novel to say that there is no earth and no sky. But if we do not have the courage to doubt or we do not take actions to prove our question, how can we know? Bravely doubting the matters that can be questioned may lead us to succeed. Looking back through history, all the great figures in both science and politics have the courage to doubt the theories or opinions, which were considered as truth and assumed a solid foundation in peoples' minds for a long time. This questioning allows people to take proper action and make change, which can improve our world.It was Columbus's courage to doubt the long time existed opinion that the earth is flat that made him sailed out to explore beyond the horizon. Also it is Roosevelt 's courage to doubt the economic liberalism widely applied at that time in America that helped him to come up with the Roosevelt New Deal. Consequently, questioning the matters that is obvious or the authority is not a crazy behavior. Don't hesitate to carry out the question you were not pretty sure. It is the spirit of doubting that makes us live better, though nobody wants to trap into thinking without any help. But if we can get over it, we may become a better person than we expected. Questioning happens first in mind,if we don't take action to test our