Essay On Deer Stand

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Doug Teague
Jenny Box
English Composition 1
17 November 2014

A Perfect Day in the Deer Stand There are so many things to enjoy in the deer stand such as listening to all animal noises around you, watching the sun rise or set, or watching some of God’s beautiful creation. When I sit in the deer stand, I enjoy listening to the animals walking through the woods and making their distinct sounds. The sun rise and set are two of the most amazing things to watch while you are in the deer stand. When I’m in a deer stand hunting deer, I always enjoy looking at gods beautiful creations, such as all of the animals walking around, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. Sitting in a deer stand, a person can enjoy listening to the animals make noises such as walking through the woods grunting and communicating with each other. Deer often walk so close to the deer stand they can hear me breathing. Birds fly in and out of the field chirping back and forth for hours. Sometimes rare animals, such as a fox or otter, wander near the deer stand. On occasion, I might hear another hunter shoot at his choice of game nearby. Hunters also enjoy seeing the sun rise or set. The hunter can look at the sunset and see how it is changing his vision in the field. In the morning, while waiting for the sun to rise, a hunter can also see if the choice of game is in the field. Hunters enjoy watching the sun come rolling out or fading behind the trees because it makes a beautiful