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Dougie Fresh

The mass state trooper of Newbury barracks

(Tie in TRUST)

Before effect- Academy; training
-New Braintree
-DEA, environmental police
-All recruits training is base here
-Modify stress
-90 different courses
-5:30 am physical training
-Attend class until 8pm then free time until lights out at 9:30
-All driving except driving and water safety
-Professional development courses

Mission- to provide uniformed policing and patrol services throughout the commonwealth of Mass in order to:
-Facilitate motor vehicle crash and fatality reduction utilizing proactive enforcement and education to ensure the safe, efficient, and expeditions flow of traffic. (Help laws of the road)
-Provide primary policing for recreation beaches and parks, mass port authority airports and properties, massdot, to mass water resources authority facilities
-Provide special resources within the commonwealth and respond to large-scale public safety emergencies, events, and incidents
-Provide policing support and assistance to municipal police departments

Goals- how we are going to follow through with our mission
-Don’t have to give out a certain amount of tickets out
-“Prove that you have been active”
-More documented; everything needs to be written down

Structure- paramilitary structure; based on US Calvary 1920s

Decision making- carrying out what you have to do in the write away (what you do, and how you do it), gaining trust

How they function (how to get in trouble)- 3B Booze,…