Essay on Douglas vs Piper's methods

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Douglas versus Piper
Emory Douglas's method of exposing how colored men were discriminated by white people is through revolutionary art. On the other hand, Adrian Piper tried to remove racist beliefs from society by giving "Funk lessons" which introduces to white men and women "black" music and teaches how to dance with the rhythm of the songs. Also, the word "funk" refers to a certain branch of black popular music and dance. The differences between Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Piper methods is their method of removing racism in the society. In Mr. Douglas's art work he would project the violence black men used to stand for themselves against white people and in some of his art work there would be indirect insults that black men would say about white men and women. Mrs. Piper's work was more of a friendly method, she gave lessons to anyone interested in black music and to just to get to know more about black culture so they may stop having these opinions about black men and women. Furthermore, if I had to chose between these two techniques I would support more Mrs. Piper's way of handling the situation because projecting art works of the aggressive side of black men and hate towards white men won't create sympathy and stop racism. But, introducing a new culture would be a better chance due to the fact there would be more chance that white people would be open minded but I do think that Mr. Douglas's work would cause more political impact on society. Why ? Because art is