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Buyer behavior assignment
Parent is always essential key as reference group related to young consume. Here, there are 3 main points listed in order to analysis the parent influence on children purchase making. 1) The role of parent in term of communication between parent, sibling and children.
Theories among parent with children related to reference group. These group has significant impact on consumer socialization of children. Surely, they know well and understand deeply about their children including their personality and attitude. Through this point, they can choose the best game for their child.
In more detailed, family and peer belong to nominative reference group that create the norm, attitude, and value direct interaction ( Children & Rao, 1992). Moreover, they are considered as a key socializing agent for children (Bao 2010; James, Carol& Martines, 2004 ; Kaun &Sigh, 2010;). The theories of consumer socialization also indicate how important of parent decision in term of acquiring market ability ( Carlson & Grossbart,1998, Moschis, 1985;).In additional for that, children could face the difficulty to make purchase decision independently since they have simple intellectual and lacking of experiences, so the parent with their diverse experience will help them in selecting and buying the product.( Beatty and Talpatde (1994))
Second group are children friend, sibling and peer. These people not only act like a reference group, forming a basic for comparison and modeling, but also they have an essential influence on children (Cott,&Wood, 2004;), just behind the role of parent. The key here is that, they have similar age, so they should have more similarity favor habit each other. In addition, children and their friend usually spend more time studying or doing outside integration activities, the friend behavior might be copied by young people. At this angle, parent should have enough understand their children friend connection, finding what their children really need to play

2)Why do children parent spent money to buy this app Motivation: Provide more knowledge for their children since Chinese is one of the most popular languages. They think the more languages their children have, the more beneficial advantages they will have in the future time. Parent recognition also indicated that “Enjoyment and relaxing also a vital key for their children”. Beside the time, children get knowledge from outside society, parent can teach children to study directly at home via the online. The point here get children have relationship with community such as combining learning and playing or can be making friend. All most parents do not have enough time with their children as they are busy with full-time job and social jobs. Therefore they would believe that this application will be a useful in their children’s studying while they are not home. Parent choice will be affected by the advertising from television or on the internet as welll ( Dalidowicz,2001; Jasielska and Maksymiuk , 2010). In general, mass communication media provide an essential tool for them in order to access easily the information via internet logo , poste, brand name outside society.