Dover Race Campaign BWI MWR DIVA Draft Essay

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Strategy Brief

AAA Mid-Atlantic “Discount Programs” would like to increase member awareness and usage of our Discounts value proposition. The Discount Diva is a new tactic under development, whereas we have created an avatar from our existing community blogs personality depicting a sandwich generation mom who knows the best places to find AAA Discounts and Deals every day. The Discount Diva allows AAA Mid-Atlantic to humanize the program and add more value in our messaging to members. It gives another reason for members to follow us and be more engaged.

We will increase our awareness and usage of the AAA Mid-Atlantic Discount programs by allowing members to “get to know” all about the Discount Diva and her best advice on how to be a savvy saver. Members will come to look for the Diva and track her every move throughout the year and especially during key holiday cycles.

Implement multi channeled program to increase awareness of the wide range of discounts AAA has to offer while providing a figure in which modern consumers can look to as the expert of all things discounts in this ever growing space. The goal of the multi channel approach would be to have a discount contact with members on a daily basis; in essence creating a stickiness of the program in the member’s mind.

Distribution Channels include:

TV (value added spots)
Radio (value added spots)
AAA Community Blogs
Print – AAA World
Banner Ads
AAA Daily Deals

Key message: Follow the AAA Discount Diva for great member discounts all summer long.
Target: People purchasing items for summer-related activities, including travel. They are current AAA members (primary) and non-members (secondary) who do not know that AAA offers a wide range of discounts.
Executed Creative will include: online and offline discounts;