Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty

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AIDA concept – a model that outlines the process for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message; the acronym stands for attention, interest, desire and action (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2013, 259).

Figure 1: Dove

The advertiser must first gain the attention of the target market. A firm cannot sell something if the market does not know that the good or service exists (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2013, 258). We all know the Dove soap; many of the other ads featured the image of cream being poured into the Dove bar to emphasize its moisturizing quality. Dove knows their advertisement must grab more attention of the consumers so they featured ads by using natural women instead of famous actresses to help build the message. It focused on the conception that Dove is all about healthy body image and helping remind women that they are beautiful in their own way.

Simple awareness of the brand seldom leads to sales. The next step is to create interest in the product (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2013, 259). Dove is all about women’s skin and a health care company and has created a new approach to their advertisement. In order to recreate the image of the “women”, Dove came up with a creation known as Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove has challenged the media by taking average, everyday women and making them the model for the products. Women with all different sizes, colors, young and old are making a statement that you don’t have to be a Hollywood model/actress to be beautiful.
Third, Dove marketers find what their consumers desire. Convincing consumers that they wants and desires Dove product because it will satisfy their needs by developing a positive relationship with beauty, helping raise self-esteem and thereby enabling them to realize their full potential.

Finally, Dove encourages consumers to take action by purchasing the product. In order to withstand success, Dove must continue to foster the strong bond that customers have developed with the brand. Dove needs to continue listening to customers to determine what issues they feel most strongly about. Then present this issue to the general public in a way that interesting, thought provoking and sparks discussion.

Advertisement TWO: AAMI Insurance


AAMI is Australia’s largest insurance company and it must have the ability to attract the attention of the customers. In order to do that, AAMI has created TV ad. Rhoda is an everyday woman (customers tend to care about characters that we can relate to) who represents what its like to be the one of AAMI’s safe driver. It has a subtle use of humor, Rhonda referring to her Bali trip as exotic and her interpretation of Katut’s “You look so hot today, Rhonda” line as flirting, when obviously referring to her badly sunburnt skin makes it funny and real. It’s a move away from typical car insurance and creates attention for the ad. Next step is to create an interest in the products. While the ad is funny, they’d like to sell you an insurance policy and AAMI makes a simple awareness about safe driving customers with a discount on their insurance.
Create desire; AAMI has taken a straightforward car insurance and shown the benefits of the saving in terms of lifestyle and turning it into something more aspirational.

Advertisement THREE: Magnum

Figure 3: Magnum

Magnum is identified for its distinctive luxuries smooth brown and gold color with unique slogan of “Pleasure Comes In Six Flavours”. The bar themselves comes in gold metallic wrapper that enhance the sensation of the ice cream. Magnum’s packaging is in line with the theme of luxury; a notion that sets itself apart from other competitors and this grabs the attention of the customers.

In order to create awareness, Magnum used print media, as it is the traditional way of advertising. This way they are able to reach to a vast amount of audience.