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Tyler Vernatter
English 101
Patric Nuttall

It was the weekend before graduation; everyone wanted to have a good time. Like we do on most weekends in Logan, my friends and I were hanging out on the island- that is where all of the school facilities and fields are. We were all excited for graduation like most seniors are. Me being the life of the party that I was, had a case of beer and bottle of liquor in the backseat of my vehicle. At the time, my girlfriend and I were waiting on her friend so we could go in the mountains and have a good time. As time went on, her friend never showed; my girlfriend called her and she told her she was busy and couldn’t come with us tonight. We were frustrated because the whole time we had been waiting on her so we could leave. Out of aggravation, I get the bottle of liquor out of the back seat and crack the seal on it. While we were all in a circle drinking, talking, and having a good time I mention I have a case of beer in the back as well and whoever wants any can go get one. Obviously because we were high school kids, they went and got some beer out of the back. As we finished off the bottle of liquor I had, my friend then pulls out a bottle he had sitting in his truck. I knew at that point things were going to get wild, but at the time I did not care what happened.

While we were drinking and having a good time, we started playing a game of corn hole they had already set up. At the time, I was the drunkest of them all, but I could control myself and not act like an idiot like some people were. After a game or corn hole, sometime very strange happened; my current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend starting talking to each other. So being the concerned person I was, I walked over to make sure everything was okay and that everyone was getting along well. When I arrive to where they are talking, I realize they are getting along which made me confused because they hated each other. As time went on I stayed over there with them. Ironically I ended up passing a bottle of liquor around with my ex-girlfriend and my current girlfriend.

By this time, the case of beer, my bottle and liquor, and my friend’s bottle of liquor was gone. We still stayed and we were all