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Down in the trenches.

The smell of the trench is ghastly and to be cooped up in one with four other people and hardly enough oxygen for all of us is not half as bad as the German aircrafts above us, every time that one goes past it sends a wave of shivers down my back; and to just think that one out of those hundreds of aircraft could release a bomb only hundreds of metres above us and it will be the end of us. A beetle crawled up my leg and I simply just flicked it away without a peep from my lips however six months ago I would have screamed and shouted and basically made a big fuss over nothing; but I think all this World War II violence has toughened me up a bit. It’s so dark in here I can hardly see Ma’s face; it was a great deal of work just getting here since the whole country had to be blacked out so the Germans pass over thinking it was another country, (since England is famous for its vast light pollution) it were as if we’re some kind of invisible country. Father is out there in that chaos defending his Motherland, out there were Death lingers, out there were Germans kill mercilessly without caring who will be worried sick for that person, out there into the unknown. Johnny has started to cry begging Ma for food, that’s another thing I hate is that the food rationing is not enough for a family this big it’s only ideal for a family of three; and there’s five of us so we have to split it but then we give most of our shares to the younger’s Johnny and Maria; who…