Down Range and Back Essay

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The book was about re-adjustment into civilian life after war. It explained the many symptoms of PTSD, and the major symptoms to look for. It had real life stories from past and present soldiers. It gave many resources that are available today for returning vets and past veterans. It gave guidance for family members in understanding PTSD, and what to expect when their loved one comes home from war. It had a tremendous abundance of coping tools. And strategic plans and realistic goals you could set for yourself.
The most helpful part of the book for me was the stories the veterans told in the book. I could relate to some of their problems. One example is a Vietnam vet who returned from war and stuffed all of his emotions. He didn’t talk to anybody about his problems for years, and began using alcohol and drugs. One night he met another vet who had started a program for vets to meet up and talk about their experiences with each other. And when they started to talk he began to cry. The other vet comforted him and told him to trust him and that it is very healing to talk about your experiences. The man was embarrassed to cry and didn’t want to talk anymore. After time he was able to more easily talk about his experiences with the other veterans. The veteran is accepting now of his PTSD, and not ashamed. He regularly goes to his VA appointments and he is a recovering addict. He is in control. The book did a great job on making you feel not guilty about getting help and that even the strongest men can only carry so much emotional weight and that the best way to heal is to talk to somebody.
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