Down Syndrome Essay

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Karyotype is the characteristic chromosome complements of a eukaryotic species and they are arranged in homologous pairs. There are many abnormal chromosomes and some of them are Turner syndrome, Klinifelter syndrome, Edwards’s syndrome, Down syndrome and Patau syndrome. The abnormal chromosome that I was given was called Down Syndrome or trisomy 21. We could recognize this disease by looking at the Karyotype because a normal karyotype has two- 21 chromosome but in Down syndrome there are three- 21 chromosomes.
My Karyotype chart represented a male. I realized this because there was one X chromosome and other one was Y chromosome. The disease assigned to me was caused by sex chromosomes which affects both males and females. The Down syndrome could be notified before a child was born. The symptoms of this disease vary more that 50 characteristics. The general characteristics were the growth of the child which would be slower than the average, weak muscles, excess fat and skin, short arms and short legs. The facial features of the people with down syndrome was also different from the average, such as small and low set ears, irregular shaped mouth and tongue, tissue built-up on the iris and irregular or crooked teeth, which was produced late.
It would be fairly easy to understand the cause of Down syndrome (DS). Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes (total of 46), but a baby with Down syndrome had 47 chromosomes. One of the two parents might be a balanced carrier of