Essay about Down Syndrome and Incorrect Cell Division

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I choose this particular article because it is very helpful to people who are dealing with a child with Down syndrome. It gives the needed information to just understand how that individual actually obtained the deformity. It gives three common forms of Down syndrome and explains how they were caused. It also gives a detailed answer to a very common question. This article interested me because I wanted to learn more about the deformity of Down syndrome. Through this article I learned some of the main forms of Down syndrome. These are all the reasons why I chose this article. I got the article from This article has a grand amount of authority and accuracy. It originated from the staff of an actual clinic that deals with Down syndrome cases every day. However just to be safe, I checked with other articles and websites that have great authority with Down syndrome. The information provided in this article matched with several other credible sources. Therefore, the information being presented in this article is both accurate and has an ample amount of authority. There are a couple of main points that this article makes. The first is how Down syndrome is in fact created within the human body. The article states that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. When chromosome 21 does not divide correctly, a type of Down syndrome occurs. All types of incorrect cell division involve extra material provided by the chromosome 21. This is the first main point. The second main point is the fact that there are three genetic variations that can cause Down syndrome. The first is involved with the chromosome 21 having too many copies of it. Normally, there are only two copies of it. But when there is a cell division mistake it makes an extra copy making three copies of chromosome 21 instead required three. This in result causes the type of Down syndrome known as Trisomy 21.…