Down To A Sunless City

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October 29, 2007 Down to a sunless city In the late 1800s, the United States experienced a tremendous growth in agriculture. This growth allowed many people the opportunity to live from the earth. Produce great amounts of food from the ground that is now turn into overpowering farmland. This ability gave Americans important values like self-independence and passion for the earth and desire to create a home on the land . The image points to a specific value that Americans have forgotten which is natural beauty is more beautiful than created beauty. When analyzing the image those looking can learn that society has grown along way from hunters and gatherers. Respond with satisfaction that has came this fare as a society but never forget that are beginning started in the gorgeous open farmland. In day-to-day living it’s so easy to forget about the things that people should be grateful for its just human nature to forget. Twenge states, “We take so many things for granted now that it is easy to forget what things used to be like, especially if you are a member of Generation Me and never saw it with your own eyes” (Twenge181).
The aged, exhausted, and gray haired home is near a flowing river to its south. Seating on an overbearing mountaintop backdrop that caches the eye with teensy glance at the image. The beautiful landscape is overwhelming with lumps of green blooming grass that overflows the farmland. With a tree line several miles long with thick brush that hides all fury, creepy, and scary animals that only comes out in the light within night. What a beautiful sight, moving through the night without a sound, creamy and smooth, yet cratered and rigid solid and bright. The natural, awe-inspiring, Whitewater River and its rocky banks are alive with high amounts of rescores, salmon-packed, trout-filled, nature in its glory. River to the south is close to the older home up on the rocky hill face. A path leads to the banks of the river, with small sharp features that are too hard to pick out with the naked eye.
More people across the world are living in cities than ever before. This image appeal to the modern American life point that is seen more and more by Generation Me. This image implies that Americans are in love with a fast past life and material items. When analyzing these images my audience can learn that individuals and society are very much selfish and devoted to caring only for oneself. Twenge states, “The value that past generation viewed importuned is responsibility to uphold their duty ignoring all individual desires” has long been forgotten, Basic consideration of others seems to be on the wane as well (Twenge26).
It’s the central hart of town life were all the magic happens, all types of people walking around doing daily missions. Cars rushing by honking horns, with all the confusion and commotion the hart can become nutty as fruitcake. Overbearing us are mountain look-a-like skyscrapers that look down at the multiple people on the street sidewalk like tiny ants. Skyscrapers are immensely tall that just hover over the ground below that gives a feeling of enclosed. Giant skyscrapers are covered in multiple flashing fluorescent lights that blink of and on like a old men with a twitchy eye with different colors that lights up the whole canvas in the cover of night. On the outside of the shiny windows the sun reflects the raise back into the skyline. Outside the giant skeleton are displays of all kinds of advertisement like Coca-Cola with a tasty neon cherry that grabs the attention of its