Downfall Essay Letter: A Letter To My Good Friend

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Downfall Essay Letter

Dear My Good Friend,
My have things changed since I last talked to you when I left for East Prussia, but it still feels like it was just yesterday! Things were definitely better back then in 1942 to say the least. But anyways as you probably realized, I got the job as Hitler’s secretary! I was so happy, since you know how I have been drawn to Hitler and the Nazi’s, it was incredible. Sounds good for a 22 year old at first right! Well it was all good at the beginning, but then came 1945. In Berlin, on the day of Hitler’s birthday, the other girls and I were suddenly woken up by extremely loud explosions! At first we did not think it was a big deal, believing it was just the Nazi soldiers’ practice their bombing, but we soon realized it was the Soviet Union invading Berlin! The city was flooding the streets with panic. Many people started to lose faith in the battle and realized defeat was evident. People were telling Hitler that he, and everyone else, needed to evacuate Berlin or they would die, but he refused to leave. Hitler said that there was nothing to worry about because they will be able to turn the war around.
Although nobody believed him or wanted to stay, I could not bring myself to abandon Hitler like that. I must admit my feelings for my family of coming back home really influenced me to stay too. I did not have the best departure from them when I decided to work for Hitler, for they said I was completely stupid to do this, and I would feel very foolish to run back to them. So I convinced myself to believe in Hitler’s views of chance in the war. Although times have gotten extremely scary, like one night Ava Vaughn attempted to uplift everyone’s spirits by having a party, getting everybody to drink and dance ended in disaster. As fun as it may sounds, everything turned upside down as it was interrupted with giant explosions by the Soviets. I was absolutely terrified and broke down crying. I felt like I was in a nightmare! We all had to evacuate the building as some did not make it, and was a clear sign in the direction this war was headed. There were hardly any more soldiers left in Berlin and Hitler resulted in having young children fighting! I could not bear to see these kids facing ultimate death! But that was not even the worst of it. During a Nazi meeting, I was in the hallway with other people, and suddenly we heard a loud shriek from Hitler. It sounded like he flipped a desk over and he yelled that the war was truly lost, but still refused to leave Berlin. The building filled with complete silence as nobody knew what to say or how to react.
Eventually, everyone starts casually discussing about how they were going to commit suicide. It was absolutely revolting. Hitler even recommended me too kill myself with poison, as it is the best way. He even gave me some and said “I wish I could give you a better present”. I could not even believe what I was hearing! I